alert project

Alert Project, a narrative game about whistleblowers

My role

Project Manager, UX designer, narrative designer

Team & Duration

Team : Andréa MELIN, Nadia ZVORYKIN et Laurie TEAMPEREAU

Duration : 5 months


A testable video game prototype and production documents related to the project

Summary of the project

This is my year-end Pro License project « New Media Scripting ». No theme or format was imposed, with the other two designers in my group Nadia Z. and Laurie T., the decision was made to produce a narrative video game of the « book of which we are the hero » type. Through this game, we wanted to put a theme that is close to our heart and after several hesitations our choice stopped on the alert launchers. The product did not undergo any development but a production file, a communication campaign and a prototype were created.


I was both the project manager and game designer of the game. I regularly reported on its progress while ensuring that the project was progressing properly. As far as game design is concerned, I was in charge of determining the gameplay loop and using the variables that unlock the different purposes available. Through this project, I was able to accomplish these different tasks:

  • write a production file
  • character creation
  • design a pitch
  • make gameplay loops
  • create the variables and accounts essential to trigger the purposes
  • participation in the writing of the script and dialogues
  • manage a project
Messagerie alert project

Interface of « Alert Project » video game, dialogue screen

inspiration alert project

Video games that inspired the creation of the Alert Project interface

Graphic inspiration


The choice of the graphic charter emphasizes readability and user accessibility. The aim was also to generate a serious and immersive atmosphere through echoes to the classic smartphone interface.

Research and Pathways

A theme with vast possibilities

Even if it comes from a personal wish of each of the designers, this theme exploits several interesting narrative elements throughout the game. It was also this theme that helped us define our interface: starting from the idea that this whistleblower should transmit, or not, sensitive data, the whole game could be played through a « fake » phone interface.

This theme also has a strong dramatic potential and interesting variables (discretion, credibility…) that could then be exploited in the game.

charte graphique alert project

Choice of mobile as a platform

The choice of the smartphone as the environment is therefore based on the scenario but also in view of the intended target. We wanted to reach as many people as possible through our game but also to make it easy to install for short game sessions. These different aspects made us choose mobile as the main platform for this project.

Gameplay loop and variables

The gameplay loop of the game is quite simple: the player is faced with a decision, he makes a choice and gets a result. This first loop is part of a more important one that illustrates the whole game: the player plays a character, his choices modify « gauges »/ a total of points, the result of these points give the end of the game.

boucle de gameplay alert project

Schematic of the Alert Project gameplay loop

The game is divided into two parts with similar functioning in its functioning (make choices). The first is based on an investigation phase which includes, in addition to point variables, conditions (recovering this object, talking to this person) to be met in order to trigger events that will occur in the next phase: the trial phase. This phase puts the player in front of his choices of the first game as well as the finalization of what he has undertaken.

A pedagogical approach

In the design of this game, we have studied a lot of laws concerning alerting devices as well as vocabulary related to the legal world. At any time, the player can consult underlined terms in the texts within a glossary to know its definition and application.

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