Lora Balise Orange

Application of LoRa® network beacons and lamps – C’est ici (It’s here)

My role

UX / UI Designer

Team & Duration

Team: Andréa MELIN, Thomas LAUBY and Clément LAURENZIANI

Durée: 6 months


Interface redesign of an application that is a companion to the LoRa tag.

Lora Balise Orange

Summary of the project

LoRa® refers to a low-frequency network developed by Orange that offers national coverage in mainland France with more than 30,000 municipalities within its network. The creation of a network also involves the design and connection of several configurable connected objects, among which the tags continuously linked to this network can be located. Associated with an application, their follow-up can be consulted through different modes.

Screen Orange Boutique Balise LoRa

Screen Orange Boutique Balise LoRa, le 17 février 2019, source : https://boutique.orange.fr/accessoires/balise-connectee-orange-cest-ici

Box LoRa


I had to create new interfaces that respected both Orange’s specifications and the requested functionalities. This redesign also aims to unify the Android and IOS interfaces designed by two different developers. In addition to the models, the mission also includes the production of the assets necessary to finalize the application. As a UX designer, I participated in redefining the user path within this application to determine the essential features to highlight. In addition, ergonomics needed to be redesigned to improve the accessibility of certain elements.

Utilisation de la balise LoRa, image provenant du site Orange Boutique, le 17 février, source : https://boutique.orange.fr/accessoires/balise-connectee-orange-cest-ici
  • test the beta application and identify UX problems
  • design the additional functionalities requested by the Product Owner
  • creation and validation of wireframes
  • design and validation of pictograms
  • realization and validation of the models
  • production of the necessary design documents for developers
  • updating and improving the application

Research and Pathways

The existing system and the specifications

First, it was to find out what had been produced. The application called « It’s here » was already available internally at Orange and it was possible to perform tests to analyze its operation. New functionalities defined by the Product Owner must be designed to integrate into the existing application.

Monitoring of geolocation applications

Although an existing application already existed, new monitoring could provide solutions to problems in the application. Finally, it is in particular concepts of UI design that have been retained.

First menu cest ici
Design documents and assets for developers

This project required the production of working documents for developers. In order to facilitate exchanges, I chose to use one of the new features of Adobe XD which allows you to export your animated models while keeping technical instructions such as font size, spacing or color codes. In addition, Adobe XD provides the ability to directly export assets to Android or IOS formats based on developer requests. Some pictograms had to be reworked, but most of them come from Orange Library to avoid validation delays.

A step-by-step production

In order to respect the development budget and speed, the project operated as a delivery batch with expectations of future functionalities. This working method was based on a regular sorting of production documents in Adobe XD as well as versioning according to the evolution of functionalities.

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