My Space Room VR, a playground developed under Unity

My role

Designer and programmer under Unity

Team & Duration

Team: Andréa MELIN

Duration: 1 week


A virtual reality part in HTC Vive

Summary of the project

As part of a recruitment process within the Orange xdLab, I created this game room to illustrate different possibilities of interaction in virtual reality. It shows my skills in 3D (except the « throwing game » modeled by a former colleague Jean-Thomas S.), programming and design.

Research and Pathways

Why a game room?

The advantage of this subject was that it exploited both the theme of childhood and experimentation. This takes the form of several small playgrounds, each with its own specific features: object throwing, scoring, application of forces, etc. The theme « enfant » is also reflected in the cheerful colour schemes and the fact that, as you navigate through the room, you realize that it was not on earth but in space.

Translated with

Unity, a production choice adapted to RV

The development time being only over a weekend, I chose to use a software whose interface I already knew and used in most VR experiments: Unity. Beyond integration, I wanted to show my ability to understand them but also to adapt them according to my needs. I also took the time to create some 3D objects and textures to illustrate this field of expertise.

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