« The end of museums », a Snapchat article for the newspaper Le Monde

Mon rôle

Project Manager

Narrative Designer

Equipe & Durée

Team : Andréa MELIN, Nadia Zvorykin et Laurie Tempereau

Duration : 1 month


An article and its layout adapted to the publication of the Discover (Snapchat) of the newspaper Le Monde

Summary of the project

Project realized during my year of Pro License in New Media Scriptwriting, it is a real order from the newspaper Le Monde to feed its discovery space on the Snapchat social network. This social network consulted mainly by young people between 15 and 25 years old has had a section dedicated to the media since 2016. We find there the big newspapers but also websites or brands. There are articles and videos in portrait format only available on the day of publication.

Ecran-1-le-monde pulp fiction


I was both a project manager and a narrative designer. So I wrote most of the project documents, but the most important part was the writing of the article. Indeed, it was necessary to find a subject that interested Le Monde, to rely on reliable sources but above all to learn to write in the style of the newspaper. There were several round trips with journalists and graphic designers from around the world. In addition, the productions had to adapt to the format requested by the « CMS Discovery » used to publish the content. My missions can be summarized as follows:

  • participate in project exchanges and the drafting of production documents
  • write the article according to a charter
  • respect delivery formats

Article « 4 bonnes raisons de ne pas aller au musée »

Research and Pathways

A cultural theme combined with new technologies

The hardest part was to define the theme, to find the title and objective of this article. In our project group, we wanted to address the theme of culture and its unfair distribution among the population. The main element was the museums and in particular the fact that these places remain inaccessible for part of the population. More and more projects related to new technologies were already trying (especially in the United States) to fill this gap. From this observation, we chose a title that implied that culture would soon become accessible to all through technology to the detriment of current museums.

Working with the world's journalists and adapting to the charter

Although it is a scriptwriting license, adapting to a charter takes time. Especially since it was a well-known newspaper that was looking for a certain requirement, particularly in terms of sources. Indeed, each data, each information required to be accompanied by its source. Numerous exchanges with members of the editorial staff of Le Monde (Jean-Guillaume Santi and Robin Glaser) allowed us to consolidate our article before its first publication on July 7, 2017. Although the style remained quite serious, the target being quite young, we chose to illustrate the article based on the memes.

CMS Discovery and Discover Discovery

The portrait format did not pose a major problem, the only real requirement of the CMS was to provide a 1080p wide PSD format with plain edges to adapt it to all phone formats. In order to respect the Discover du Monde format as much as possible, only the first page of the article was animated with a zoom and zoom out effect. By scrolling upwards, we discovered the item whose length required scrolling.

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