Unity Playground

Unity training, introduction to software and programming logic

My role
  • creation of the concept
  • communication about the workshops 
  • organization of Unity’s teaching workshops


Team & Duration

Team : Andréa MELIN (Animatrice & Formatrice)

Duration : mars à juillet 2019


A course material in the form of a presentation and exercise with Unity

Summary of the project

The purpose of this project is to raise awareness among my team members about programming and game design. In order to ensure accessibility, these courses are initially conducted through the Unity Playground module in order to gradually introduce this development kit.

Research and Pathways

Teaching programming to designers

These workshops are not intended to transform designers into programmers but to raise awareness so that they can interact with other digital design actors. However, this task requires a real pedagogical approach in order to come back to the concepts of logic and mathematics before being able to work on Unity.

Use Unity's tools and plugin

Unity Playground was, until January 2019, mainly intended for children with a use reserved for tablets. Since then, it has been possible to design simple pre-scripted interactions between the elements using components. The advantage of this system is that it can continuously switch between this simplified version of Unity and the real code behind it in order to explain it as it happens.

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